ANTHRAX VOLBEAT Live Seattle, WA 04/29/15

New York heavy metal legends, Anthrax took the stage with a killer hour and a half set that served to further solidify their status as one of heavy metal’s founding fathers. While they might have been the second band that played that evening, Anthrax held their own as a headlining act. Scott Ian completely tore the crowd apart with his mind blowing riffs as well as Joey Belladonna with his vocals and Frank Bello on his bass. Unfortunately, drummer Charlie Benante wasn’t on hand to fulfill his duties, as he is recovering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Filling in for Benante was Jon Dette who did justice to their songs as well as being a drummer for them for years when Benante couldn’t play. The band kept things going crazy through their set. The band reached into the vault for fan favorites “Got the Time” and “Antisocial,” as well as a boastful helping of other songs from their 1987 classic Among the Living. The band even teased the audience with the first minute or so of their rap-rock goof “I’m the Man” before breaking into the set-closing “I am the Law.”


Finishing out the night was Volbeat. Three songs into their set, singer Michael Poulsen looked like he was ready for an evening of hellbilly, hell raising metal that would just continue to deliver. They certainly worked the crowd for most of the night, connecting with a succession of furious musical rights and lefts. The Danish heavy-metal outfit crushed their way through an intense 20-song set including a four song encore. The group took short intermittent breaks between songs, keeping up the pace without giving the crowd much of a breather. The near-capacity filled crowd let out a definitive roar as Poulsen and the band tore into a breakneck version of their radio-tailored tune “Lola Montez.”


Guitarist Rob Caggiano, who joined the band in 2013 following his departure from Anthrax, outshined the rest, tearing and shifting notes on his Signature ESP guitars. Poulsen’s boisterous voice is just as effective and powerful live as it is on volbeat’s albums. He effectively took the lead on his guitar as well on the fist-pumping single “Fallen.”

Almost halfway through Volbeat’s set, Poulsen let the crowd know that he was feeling parched and could really use a beer but, they had none on stage. With the bar in the back of the crowd, he jumped onto crowd and bodysurfed his way to the bar, where he got a beer from a fan in exchange for one of the band’s T- shirts that Poulsen had given him with pride and happiness .

During their performance of Sad Man’s Tongue, Rob Caggiano was playing so fast that it looked as if his fingers were trying to catch up with the notes coming out of his head and cabs.

Of course, everyone’s not a heavy metal fan. But when it’s done right, it can be an extremely powerful force and presence that can just pull you in. On this night of April 29th 2015, Volbeat had Anthrax had brought performances to Seattle that was completely flawless and had left fans wanted more and more.