MAYHEM FEST Auburn, WA 06/30/15

Tuesday June 30th, 2015 was a busy day for the Northwest Seattle concert scene.  White River Amphitheater in Auburn, WA was awash in tattoos, beer cups, some great live heavy metal and ever so increasing decibel levels. The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival brought the heat to Washington State as the tour continued in the Pacific Northwest on it’s fourth run of summer dates .


This year’s Coldcock Herbal Whiskey band competition winners which was a band known as Whitchburn hailing from the Northwest’s Seattle, WA, ignited the spark that kicked off the festival here in Auburn, WA.  With the heat already protruding into the high 90’s, Mayhem Fest fans that were standing on asphalt while being sunburned, sweating prefusely, enjoying the music, their food, their drinks, and fun thoroughly rounded out their Tuesday afternoon. The fans and metal goers clearly did not mind the heat as they all grew for the likes of other Mayhem Festival bands such as Pittsburgh, PA’s Code Orange, Shattered Sun from Alice, TX, Sworn In from Grayslake, IL, Swedish lead female singer act Sister Sin, Kenosha, Wisconsin’s Jungle Rot, Thy Art Is Murder from Sydney, AU, Knoxville, Tennesse’s very own Whitechapel, Long Island, New York’s Kissing Candice, and Feed Her To The Sharks hailing all the way from Melbourne, Austrailia all performed on the Victory Records Stage.


On the main stage was The Devil Wears Prada with Mike Hrancia on vocals, Jeremy Depoyster on guitars, Daniel Williams on drums, and Andy Tric on bass.  TDWP absolutely lit the fire that would become hell on the main stage.  The following band that would continue to burn the main stage was singer, Chad Gray from Mudvayne and ex-Pantera drummer, Vinnie Paul’sband known as Hellyeah.  The stage rocked the Mayhem Festival with the heavy screaming, and killer metal sounds!  By the end of the festival, Slayer added to the fire with their stunning traditional explosive pyrotechnics. The fan-base crowd as of this year’s festival was certainly not as large, however every metal fan that showed up in Auburn, WA came to bring the mayhem to this year’s traditional festival!


As well as The Devil Wears Prada and Hellyeah, this year’s line up brought a mixture of heavy and hard hitting bands with the likes of Slayer, who headlined this year’s festival event as well as King Diamond, who was direct support for Slayer on the main stage.  King Diamond’s stage performance and all around stage setup was a thrill to see as they had upside down crosses, mounted gargoyles, castle like features, and a giant goat head pentagram for their backdrop while performing classic hits such as “Tea,” “Digging Graves,” and “A Visit From The Dead.”  Slayer stole the night as they reaked havoc with heavy metal hits “Raining Blood,” “South of Heaven,” “Angel of Death,” and their newly awaited single “Repentless.”


Activities, games, drinks, food, and heavy metal were all on tap throughout the day Tuesday.  Metal fans moshed, head banged, sang, and even ran through sprinklers that had been hung on fences around the festival grounds to keep themselves cool during the hot summer heat.  Everyone at this year’s Mayhem Festival seemed to have had a great time.  Repetative Mayhem Festival goers left with only one question. Who will be on Mayhem Fest’s lineup next year to celebrate the commemorative ninth year?  We will all just have to wait and see!