Disturbed Live Seattle, Wa 03/12/16

March 12, 2016 Seattle, WA - Fresh off their new album “Immortalized,”  Disturbed came to the rainy city with their supporting act “Nonpoint.”  As a packed Showbox Market waited for the four piece quartet to hit the stage you could feel the excitement in the venue as the audience started to scramble in unison.  When Disturbed came on and started with their hit song “Ten Thousand Fists” the place just seemed to explode as mosh pits formed and the crowd surfers took the air.  There wasn’t much time during the show when the audience stood still as the band went through songs from their new album “Immortalized,” as well as four of their previous album’s “The Sickness,” “Believe,” Ten Thousand Fists,” and “Indestructable.”

About every three to four songs they would break for a minute or two, during which time vocalist David Draiman would address some of the issues going on in the world today within following a hit cover song by Simon & Garfunkel titled “The Sound of Silence” off their new album “Immortalized.”  Bassist John Moyer and Guitarist Dan Donegan got into character as they thrashed around onstage during their following song “Inside The fire” while drummer Mike Wengren pounded ever so fiercely on his new Pearl Sic Skins drum kit and rack system.

This Chicago based band which formed in 1997 released their latest studio album in 2015 after which seemed to feel like an eternity for some, a 4 year long hiatus.  They have built one of the biggest fan bases anyone has seen in a long while.  Now with their latest offering, surely they have brought something to the people and their fans some meaning and true feelings to what’s behind their music.

As the set went on they played a voluminous amount of hit Disturbed classics, including their cover of the Phil Collins band, Genesis’ “Land of Confusion,” “Stupify,” “Prayer,” “The Game,” and “Inside the Fire.”  In following Disturbed played about an eleven minute-four song medley that consisted of Nine Inch Nails “Closer,” U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” The Who’s “Baba O’Riley,” and a crowd favorite of the evening, Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of,” 

Soon after ears were quickly at ease when the audience heard the unmistakable drumbeat to the biggest hit that kicked off Disturbed’s career known as “Down with the Sickness.”  For the final song of the evening followed by the primal yell of OH WA WA WA AH.  It seemed as though everyone felt absolutely complete with how their performance went.  They left the stage with the closing as they have done in the past, asking the crowd to chant it with them. “We are DISTURED, we are DISTURBED, we all are DISTURED…”

Shinedown Live Seattle, WA 03/02/16

Seattle, WA Mar.2nd, 2016. In the lead-up to Wednesday night's show at the Paramount Theatre, it was a visual feast to be sure, though that only served to augment a crisp-sounding performance from the band.  Lead singer Brent Smith was chatty and charming, guitarist Zach Myers and bassist Eric Bass were animated throughout and bolstered the performance with their backing vocals, continuous energy, occasional turns on keyboards with acoustic guitars, while Barry Kerch provided a ferocious, rhythmic battering of a beat on the drum kit all night.

The only quibble anyone could've had with show is that Shinedown's set was a relative one hour and 20 minutes, meaning plenty of hit songs were omitted from the set, such as their first song of the night, "Heroes," followed by “Bully,” “The Crow and the Butterfly,” and most glaringly, "If You Only Knew," to say nothing of the myriad anthemic songs from the new album, "Threat to Survival," that didn't get played but would be perfectly at home in a longer set, such as "It All Adds Up," "Dangerous," "Oblivion," "Black Cadillac" and "Misfits."

Shinedown’s mid set song was "Cut the Cord," the lead single from the new album, set the tone for the evening at "fast and loud," as the crowd happily fist-pumped to Smith's howling vocals.

The crowd favorite of the evening was the quasi-ballad acoustic version of "Second Chance" from the 2008 album "The Sound of Madness" as still remaining as popular today as ever, and the crowd not only got the cell phone videos going en masse, but sang along enthusiastically to every word. Their cover of Lynard Skynyrd's "Simple Man," featuring just Brent Smith on vocals and Zach Myers on an amplified acoustic six-string, also proved popular.

One of the many highlights of the evening was another new track, "State of My Head," a mid-tempo, ear-worm anthem espousing the notion that in the end, who and how we loved is all that matters in life, may have been initially unfamiliar to some in the audience, but quickly won them over and seems destined to be a staple of future set-list’s.

At one point throughout the evening, Brent Smith had called out a “supposed” fan for flipping him the bird nearing the end of his crowd surfing session as he made it closer to the stage.  He was escorted out of the venue immediately in front of the 3000 in attendance booing him as he sported the walk of shame right out the door.

Before launching into their second to last song of the evening "Simple Man," Shinedown’s Zach Myers went on stage solo giving the Seattle crowd something memorable.  Seattle’s own, Alice in Chains hit song known as “Nutshell,” would be played acoustically and sung with precision with the audience hanging on to every word.  Needless to say, it was a sight to see Zach Myers performing it so effortlessly while putting all of his emotions into such a memorable Seattle based tune.

The finale of the evening was their 2008 hit “Sound of Madness,” which was and always will be a fan favorite for many years to come.

Slipknot Live Portland, OR 10/22/15

If there’s a Happy Hour in Hell, it probably looks a lot like a Slipknot concert — or at least the one the nonet put on Thursday night, October 22nd, at the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon.


The last stop on the masked and costumed metal group’s Road to Knotfest Tour was a high-octane, high-volume and highly theatrical celebration that featured macabre figures striding, leaping and riding moving platforms around a two-tiered stage with plenty of fire and lyrical brimstone, a few invocations of the beast and a large demon goat head above the stage to watch the proceedings.

Slipknot started the night on a 10 scale, with special effects left, right and center as the group tore through their first song of the night,Scarcastrophe, following The Heretic Anthem and Psychosocial.  Percussionists Shawn “Clown” Crahan and Chris Fehn smashed profusely on drums and beer kegs as hydraulic lifts took them up and down, while DJ Sid Wilson aka,Starscream was a dancing dervish prone to dramatic and even dangerous leaps from one part of the stage to the other despite an injured ankle from a couple of performances prior. Main percussionist Jay Weinberg, son of Max Weinberg delivered on his drum kit just as, possibly if not better than Joey Jordison did when he was with the group. Craig “133”Jones head banged his black mask of nails while conducting samples on his steel metal riser.  Guitarists Jim Root and Mick Thomson shredded on their signature models while killing it on early hits such as Me Inside, Metabolic, and Surfacing.  Fortunately, none of the nine band members were caught by any of the hellish flames on stage, though bassist Alessandro Venturella made clear sport out of getting as close as possible to the fiery exploding pots.

Touring to promote their 2014 album .5: The Gray Chapter, dedicated to late bassist Paul Gray and making their second stop in the northwest area of the U.S. in three months, Slipknot’s year round touring cycle has kept the metal genre alive for the year 2015. With the Mayhem Festival having lost its mojo and the Uproar tour not even getting out of the box, the genre feels like it was in a malaise.  But with a package for a late 2015 tour that included Columbus, Ohio’s Beartooth, and California’s own Suicidal Tendencies, Road to Knotfest Tour drew a near-capacity crowd to Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum that turned its concrete floor into a sea of mosh pits and even sent a quite a few moshers crowd-surfing towards the front of the stage of the venue formally known as the Rose Quarter.

These are not bands that are designed to have a calming effect on crowds, of course, least of all Slipknot, whose brutal set was accented by elaborate satanic carnival props, goat heads, and rising and rotating platforms.  The latter surveyed its 16-year, five-album catalog throughout its 17-song, nearly 100-minute show, with Taylor paying tribute to his “extended” family of fans — who sang along to songs of Taylor’s lyrics.

The group’s performance was ferocious without any let up through some of their latest work — particularly The Devil In I, which displayed a more intricate dynamic ebb and flow that gave the show a bit of breathing room.  But the group of nine’s stock in trade was pulverizing and angry with meaty metal, and the abundance of that included tightly delivered versions of Custer, Prosthetics, Eyeore, the anthem  known as Duality and a lengthy fast paced deliverance of Spit It Out.

Taylor also took time to note that Slipknot has been visiting the Northwest area of the U.S. for 16 years since Ozzfest ’99, and Thursday’s crowd made it clear that he and his band mates will be welcome for as long as they want to put on the masks and bring their devilishly enjoyable stage show back to Portland, OR.

HEART Live Puyallup, WA 09/15/15

It seemed like it was going to be one of those days here in the Seattle area where it looked like it might storm and spit rain due to all the overcast and gray clouds, however, that wasn’t the case on the day of September 15th, 2015 as the wind picked it all up and blew it away within good timing as Heart was beginning to take the stage at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup.


The beloved band led by the Wilson sisters with Ann on vocals and Nancy on guitars created quite a high pressure system of sound at the Columbia Bank Concert Stage Tuesday night before a phenomenal hometown crowd.


Heart started the night off right with the 1977 hit from the Little Queen album “Kick It Out” and they did kick it out With Nancy on guitars, Dan Rothchild on bass, Ben Smith on drums, and lead guitarist Craig Bartok attacking the guitar riffs fiercely while Ann Wilson raging over top with what was (and remains) one of rock's premier female voices most certainly delivered to the northwest masses.


"Heartless" came early, the second song, and it was remarkably true to the 1976 Magazine’s album version.  While Ann worked in the same high register and soared up to every note, and guitarist Craig Bartok navigating the intricate solo almost perfectly.  Even the synthesizers  sounded just right, as they did all night in the hands of Chris Joyner, who really shined on "Dog and Butterfly," making it sound like a delicate string section.


Ann and Nancy spiced up their set list with hits such as “What About Love,” “Straight on,” “There’s the Girl,” “Mona Lisa’s,” “These Dreams,” “Alone,” “Even It Up,” and more from their amazing chart topping albums.  A song that really seemed to grab Nancy’s heart and soul as she spoke about her father was performed and titled "Dear Old America,” which is a soldier's story written from the point of view of a military father.  It all sounded like the same Heart, fans know and fell in love with decades ago.


The Wilson Sister’s and company kept the heat alive and rolling as they still had plenty left to let it rip on killer versions of "Barracuda" and "Crazy on You" (complete with Nancy's lovely acoustic intro) sandwiched around a new Duesenberg guitar she’s now playing called "The Star Player TV."  To end the audience’s thrilling evening of listening to one of the greatest performers of our time was their encore, complete with three Led Zeppelin cover’s consisting of “Immigrant Song,” “No Quarter,” and the final song of the night, “Misty.”


The only complaint a Heart fan could have with the hometown performance, is that the band wrapped up 17 songs in about 90 minutes without venturing into deep cuts or punctuating the set with just a couple more songs such as “Magic Man” or “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You,” but If that's the price to pay to keep Ann Wilson’s voice in peak form, so be it.

MAYHEM FEST Auburn, WA 06/30/15

Tuesday June 30th, 2015 was a busy day for the Northwest Seattle concert scene.  White River Amphitheater in Auburn, WA was awash in tattoos, beer cups, some great live heavy metal and ever so increasing decibel levels. The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival brought the heat to Washington State as the tour continued in the Pacific Northwest on it’s fourth run of summer dates .


This year’s Coldcock Herbal Whiskey band competition winners which was a band known as Whitchburn hailing from the Northwest’s Seattle, WA, ignited the spark that kicked off the festival here in Auburn, WA.  With the heat already protruding into the high 90’s, Mayhem Fest fans that were standing on asphalt while being sunburned, sweating prefusely, enjoying the music, their food, their drinks, and fun thoroughly rounded out their Tuesday afternoon. The fans and metal goers clearly did not mind the heat as they all grew for the likes of other Mayhem Festival bands such as Pittsburgh, PA’s Code Orange, Shattered Sun from Alice, TX, Sworn In from Grayslake, IL, Swedish lead female singer act Sister Sin, Kenosha, Wisconsin’s Jungle Rot, Thy Art Is Murder from Sydney, AU, Knoxville, Tennesse’s very own Whitechapel, Long Island, New York’s Kissing Candice, and Feed Her To The Sharks hailing all the way from Melbourne, Austrailia all performed on the Victory Records Stage.


On the main stage was The Devil Wears Prada with Mike Hrancia on vocals, Jeremy Depoyster on guitars, Daniel Williams on drums, and Andy Tric on bass.  TDWP absolutely lit the fire that would become hell on the main stage.  The following band that would continue to burn the main stage was singer, Chad Gray from Mudvayne and ex-Pantera drummer, Vinnie Paul’sband known as Hellyeah.  The stage rocked the Mayhem Festival with the heavy screaming, and killer metal sounds!  By the end of the festival, Slayer added to the fire with their stunning traditional explosive pyrotechnics. The fan-base crowd as of this year’s festival was certainly not as large, however every metal fan that showed up in Auburn, WA came to bring the mayhem to this year’s traditional festival!


As well as The Devil Wears Prada and Hellyeah, this year’s line up brought a mixture of heavy and hard hitting bands with the likes of Slayer, who headlined this year’s festival event as well as King Diamond, who was direct support for Slayer on the main stage.  King Diamond’s stage performance and all around stage setup was a thrill to see as they had upside down crosses, mounted gargoyles, castle like features, and a giant goat head pentagram for their backdrop while performing classic hits such as “Tea,” “Digging Graves,” and “A Visit From The Dead.”  Slayer stole the night as they reaked havoc with heavy metal hits “Raining Blood,” “South of Heaven,” “Angel of Death,” and their newly awaited single “Repentless.”


Activities, games, drinks, food, and heavy metal were all on tap throughout the day Tuesday.  Metal fans moshed, head banged, sang, and even ran through sprinklers that had been hung on fences around the festival grounds to keep themselves cool during the hot summer heat.  Everyone at this year’s Mayhem Festival seemed to have had a great time.  Repetative Mayhem Festival goers left with only one question. Who will be on Mayhem Fest’s lineup next year to celebrate the commemorative ninth year?  We will all just have to wait and see!

VAN HALEN Live Auburn, WA 07/05/15

Sunday July 5th, 2015 in Auburn, WA Van Halen took the stage on the first run of their tour and wasted no time in getting the crowd on their feet, as they pumped out an ultimate classic “Light Up The Sky” from their 1978 hard rocking album Van Halen II, which was last performed in 1980.  What followed were 24 more songs with vocalist Diamond David Lee Roth, Wolfgang Van Halen on Bass, a drum solo from Alex Van Halen, and an astounding solo guitar performance from the legend himself, Eddie Van Halen.

I suppose the elephant in the room is the absence of original bass player Michael Anthony, who has been replaced by Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang.  Eddie and Wolf did a great job with the backing vocals, yet true Van Halen hardcore fans missed Anthony’s sweet spot high harmonies in places.  At the end of the day, we must admit that Wolfgang Van Halen is the real deal.  Some complain that nepotism may have got him the gig, but the young man’s god given talent, poise and workman like attitude have allowed him to keep his position on stage.  This kid can play, as he proved when standing alongside his father and matching the elder Van Halen’s guitar riff to “China Town” on his bass. The bottom line here is that you can’t blame the kid for being in the band and, in fact, one must give him respect as he performed well and, along with Eddie, did a great job, vocally.

No true Van Halen concert is complete without a little showboating by Diamond Dave, and Sunday night was no exception.  Dave’s rock star attitude was filled to the brim strutting all over the stage in Roth fashion and vocally getting in his high pitched squeals and screams with “Panama,” “Everybody Wants Some,” “Aint Talkin Bout Love,” and “Hot For Teacher.”

Surprise set inclusions for this night included “Feel Your Love Tonight” from 1978’s “Van Halen” album, the tap harmonic intro played flawlessly by the virtuoso guitarist, and their first ever live performance of “Drop Dead Legs” from “1984” and hearing “Ice Cream Man” with Roth starting out with a small acoustic guitar while playing the harmonica was a great thrill as well.

It must be said that while Van Halen may be able to change bass players, and even a lead singer, and get away with it, the two bookends that MUST be there are brother’s Eddie and Alex.  Alex has aged, but with years has come a perfection of his craft.  All night long, the elder Van Halen pounded the skins, keeping perfect timing, adding creative flourishes and delivering a unique drum solo.  While he didn’t set his drums on fire, he still played at the top of his game.

Thirty years ago, Eddie was playing his Frankenstein striped guitar, running and sliding across the stage and doing that cool ass double leg kick all night long.  He had flowing long hair down to the middle of his back and a wide toothed grin on his face.  In 2015, his hair is short, he no longer runs and kicks, but his playing is spot on perfect and his boyish smile is still there.  Perhaps it is a sign that hell hath froze over, as he even appeared to enjoy sharing the stage with David Lee Roth, a man he once said he was going to, “kick in the balls” the next time he saw him and the man who inspired the term “Lead Singer’s Disease.”

With the 20,000 that were in attendance noticeably loved hearing hits such as “Beautiful Girls”, “Somebody Get Me A Doctor”, “Romeo Delight”, “Eruption” followed by “You Really Got Me” and ending the evening with a crowd roaring encore of “1984’s”  “Jump.”  As a witness to Van Halen in 2015, I am uniquely able to answer the burning questions that fans want to know.  Was Michael Anthony missed?  Yes, but more out of nostalgia than out of functionality.  Was the band less energetic on stage? Of course they were, but Roth still managed the splits, an over the head kick and enough dancing to burn off a week’s worth of calories.  Did he deliver vocally? Most certainly, although there were a few rough moments but didn’t tarnish the show.

The bottom line is that the mighty Van Halen is back.  The band delivered with an amazing set list and an eye-popping stage show that featured one of rock’s best front men and one of the most influential guitar players of all time.  If Van Halen comes anywhere near your town, then the only reason for not seeing them live is if the show is already sold out. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait years and years to see Dave and Eddie share the stage again.

DECEMBER IN RED Live Seattle, WA 06/10/15

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015, at the Seattle Club known as Studio Seven, a  great hard rock/metal band known as “December In Red” that formed in 2009 came home to their native Seattle, WA for a homecoming show resulting in a phenomenal night with entertainment provided by something of a “Metal Quartet.”  They were the first act of the evening opening up for “Scare Don’t Fear,” “The Family Ruin” and tour headliner’s,  “HED P.E.”  Needless to say, December In Red, being the tour’s opening act brought the house down on their final stop of their “The Way Out Tour” to kick off the evening.

The hard hitting Rock/Metal act opened the night with their first song “Hooks and Splatter’s” using heavy bass and drum tones with crushing guitar sounds and hard hitting instrumentation to go along with singer Del McGeachy’s powerful voice.  The band has become more and more well-known for it’s own unique signature sound while comparing to the like’s of band’s such as Chevelle, Deftones, and Incubus.  This sound has given December In Red’s fan’s locally and across the country what they have been waiting for in this genre of rock/metal music.  They have even sealed a guaranteed record deal with CaviGold Records LLC, a Seattle/Los Angeles rock and metal music label that started in 2012, which is home to bands like “The Fail Safe Project,” “Lotus Crush,” “Under Sin,” “Devil’s Hunt Me Down,” and many more .  In addition to playing their second hit single song, the ever-so-powerful “Send Me A Postcard,” which is a song that is very well known and loved by many of their follower’s, the Seattle native’s played quite a few other songs from their self-titled album.  Some of the other’s included “Arrested On Sight,” “Pelican,” “De D’Aur” and their hardcore hitting single featuring the lead singer of HED P.E.’sJared “Jarhed” Gomes, performing “Hadouken,” which had an extremely pummeling sound that could crush concrete to dust in a matter of seconds.

December In Red’s raw energy throughout their entire set is one of the things that really caught everyone in Studio Seven’s attention watching them perform.  With Dan Gardner on his seven-string guitars, Colbey Schnelle on his four-string bass, and Marc Mercier on drums, they put on a final tour show that local fans alike wouldn’t forget.  The Seattle hard metal rockers closed out their seven song set on a high note with their song “Chameleon.”  With honesty and absolute truth, people in the venue of Studio Seven could have asked for much more in one set especially from a supporting act that can without a doubt, annihilate any advisary that comes in their midst. First handedly seeing how their fans react to their presence performing on stage and myself alike, have an immense and strong feeling that the rest of this year and year’s to come is going to be huge for December In Red . If you haven’t heard of or listened to this band, you are for surely missing out on something musically amazing! Please go check out their album “The Way Out” released from CaviGold Records which is available for Pre-Order

ANTHRAX VOLBEAT Live Seattle, WA 04/29/15

New York heavy metal legends, Anthrax took the stage with a killer hour and a half set that served to further solidify their status as one of heavy metal’s founding fathers. While they might have been the second band that played that evening, Anthrax held their own as a headlining act. Scott Ian completely tore the crowd apart with his mind blowing riffs as well as Joey Belladonna with his vocals and Frank Bello on his bass. Unfortunately, drummer Charlie Benante wasn’t on hand to fulfill his duties, as he is recovering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Filling in for Benante was Jon Dette who did justice to their songs as well as being a drummer for them for years when Benante couldn’t play. The band kept things going crazy through their set. The band reached into the vault for fan favorites “Got the Time” and “Antisocial,” as well as a boastful helping of other songs from their 1987 classic Among the Living. The band even teased the audience with the first minute or so of their rap-rock goof “I’m the Man” before breaking into the set-closing “I am the Law.”


Finishing out the night was Volbeat. Three songs into their set, singer Michael Poulsen looked like he was ready for an evening of hellbilly, hell raising metal that would just continue to deliver. They certainly worked the crowd for most of the night, connecting with a succession of furious musical rights and lefts. The Danish heavy-metal outfit crushed their way through an intense 20-song set including a four song encore. The group took short intermittent breaks between songs, keeping up the pace without giving the crowd much of a breather. The near-capacity filled crowd let out a definitive roar as Poulsen and the band tore into a breakneck version of their radio-tailored tune “Lola Montez.”


Guitarist Rob Caggiano, who joined the band in 2013 following his departure from Anthrax, outshined the rest, tearing and shifting notes on his Signature ESP guitars. Poulsen’s boisterous voice is just as effective and powerful live as it is on volbeat’s albums. He effectively took the lead on his guitar as well on the fist-pumping single “Fallen.”

Almost halfway through Volbeat’s set, Poulsen let the crowd know that he was feeling parched and could really use a beer but, they had none on stage. With the bar in the back of the crowd, he jumped onto crowd and bodysurfed his way to the bar, where he got a beer from a fan in exchange for one of the band’s T- shirts that Poulsen had given him with pride and happiness .

During their performance of Sad Man’s Tongue, Rob Caggiano was playing so fast that it looked as if his fingers were trying to catch up with the notes coming out of his head and cabs.

Of course, everyone’s not a heavy metal fan. But when it’s done right, it can be an extremely powerful force and presence that can just pull you in. On this night of April 29th 2015, Volbeat had Anthrax had brought performances to Seattle that was completely flawless and had left fans wanted more and more.

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Live Seattle, WA 04/08/15

Stone Temple Pilots kicked off the first run of their spring tour dates starting in Seattle, WA on April 8th, 2015 taking the crowd by storm on stage at the venue known as The Paramount Theater.

They came out one by one, each grabbing their instruments with humbleness and pride walking onto the stage while the crowd cheered and clapped with utter excitement. It was going to be a night that Seattle and STP fans would relish in and remember for a long time. With Chester Bennington on the microphone, Robert Deleo on bass, Robert’s brother Dean Deleo on guitar, and Eric Kretz on drums with their first song of the night performing Lounge Fly, everyone sang along in unison. Nearly 3000 screaming fans in the theater hearing Chester’s voice sing with STP, knew that they were in for a treat for the remainder of the evening.

After performing Lounge Fly, Chester bowed to the crowd thanking them as if as being accepted in a way that he never had before. The next song up on the list was Vasoline from the band’s first album titled “Core” which was recorded in 1992 and went to number 3 on the billboard charts during that time. Following their third song on stage from the “Core” album was Wicked Garden. That song just added more fuel to the fire that inevitably brought down the house that night. The crowd going absolutely insane jamming and banging their heads to a song they all knew so well. With Robert on bass, you could surely tell that he was having a great first show of the tour getting into the grooves and sounds, swaying his body back and forth, getting as close to the fans as possible, tapping his heart letting them know that he was grateful for being there on stage sharing those moments with his band mates. Robert’s brother, Dean Deleo ripped the six string all night long, jumping continuously and franticly while smiling the whole while on stage sharing close moments with Chester back to back. Eric Kretz seemed to be having an amazing time as well not missing a single beat on his drum set with all smiles.

At about 15 hit songs in, Chester saw a couple of kids in the front row waving a sign saying that they wanted a pair of Eric’s drum sticks. After Chester had read the sign, he had asked that both the young boys to come up on the stage, surprising them with excitement, they did follow suit each receiving a pair of drum sticks, some guitar picks, and a photo with the band facing the crowd. It definitely made the band’s and the young boy’s night without fail. Stone Temple pilots ended up playing 20 hit songs such as Sex Type Thing, Creep, Big Empty, Plush, Interstate Love Song and many more following up with a roaring encore featuring Piece of Pie, and the final song of the night, Dead and Bloated which ended with a bang. The band then grouped together and took one last bow before exiting the venue with a palpable roar.